Tipping the Scales of War

9-27-10 Karak Lode Session One Pregame

After the harrowing adventures in Umbraforge the party finally gets a little time to rest and relax. Everyone can comment on here, or just text me if there are any subplots or character specific stuff that they want to do. If nobody wants anything specific to happen we will jump right into it. Everyone is working around the The Mansion when there is a knock at the door. Kara walks over and opens it and ushers in a tired, haunted looking Kalad. He smiles at you, this being the first time you have met since he was being tortured and killed by the Orog chieftan Og. ‘Aye! First I want to thank ye for saving my life. Though I died, the temple of Moradin felt that my sacrifice was worthy of being raised. I know ye are busy so I will get to it. I have a colleague by the name of Bram Ironfell I would like ye to meet. I think he has a business opportunity that you will find lucrative. If ye have the time tonight let me take ye to dinner and I will let him pitch his new find.’


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