Tipping the Scales of War

Out of the Waste

Out of the Wastes

(Please remember the views and descriptions below are those of Arraven and thus may not represent the individual views of each member of The Planewalkers guild)

The Planewalkers stood on the edge of the Thornwaste looking at the last remanents of what was once a Dwarven outpost. “Dunesend” said Mag Blackthorn their guide. There was really not much to it, the settlement now populated by Humans had dwindled to barely more than a village waystop.

As they continued their approach it became clear that something was happening in the midst of the village. The Walkers carefully circled the outside edge of the Thornwaste to get a better look at the commotion. In the village center stood a tall and powerful looking Gnoll, at his feet a dead human and most disturbing of all there was next to him a large slithering creature. The creature was no less than 35 feet long and had a dozen legs, its color drifted from deep to pale blue and its head could be said to resemble that of a Dragon welp. Further observation revealed several Satyr’s circled the area as the apparently helpless Humans of the village watched on, unable or unwilling to do anything.

Arraven turned to ask Blackthorn about the situation only to find him gone without a trace. “A Behir and several Satyr’s” he whispered to Chael and Torinn dismissing Mag’s dissapearance “Cousin’s of yours by chance?” Ignoring Arraven’s mockery Chael chanted a curse targeting the Behir.

The curse fell and whatever the Behir’s plans were they quickly changed. Turning to face the Planewalker party it hissed. The Gnoll turned as well and barked out something they could not hear and the battle began and it was a battle to behold.

Valdis charged the center of the enemy mass quickly immersing himself in the midst of them as he made numerous attacks (though his clever foes dodged several of them), Torinn lashed out with blade and shield at both the Behir and Gnoll. Ku and Arraven paired their powers off each other to create rampant arcane destruction, Ku flinging one enemy creature into others and Arraven calling forth skeletal hands from the earth to tear at the now grouped foes. Hatheron’s crossbow pierced the flesh of the enemies even as her elixers healed the cuts and tears made in the flesh of her allies. Chael called forth the wrath of Bahamut, bursting into zealous flames that quickly brought down any in his path.

The Behir fell, then Gnoll, and quickly after the Saytr’s were struck down. The Planewalkers had pulled no punches, they had lashed out at the foul creatures with all the power they could muster and the enemy could not withstand it. The Gnoll Warden had been spared death to be interrogated but all others had been sent into the Raven Queen’s hand.

As the party checked the corpses and tied the Gnoll’s hands and feet a Human male came out from hiding and approached the group. “What have you done”? he said with alarm in his voice. “Uh killed the bad guy’s duh” mumbled Ku. “Fear not, we mean you no harm” Arraven stated “we saw these cursed beings and the poor man there dead and could not turn away, and so we have killed your enemy and protected your village”. “Fool” the man uttered “you will only bring down a worse curse upon our heads once the Queen hears of this”.

After long discussion and much disgust at the lack of gratitude those of the village show the Walkers it became clear the settlement was full of cowards and fools. They had given themselves over to living under the hand of a tyrant Queen who demanded Human sacrafice to feed her Behir pet(s). Suggestions at relocation were dismissed and Lotho Elberesk the apparent leader of the settlement seemed put out to even provide food and shelter for the night. By morning The Planewalkers were prepared to leave Dunesend and not look back.

Lotho, the Smith Darkus Comahni and Bede the Halfling Baker the only non-human in the settlment had offered no information concerning the location of the Ironfell Mine but each had asked that the party stave off the future attack that was sure to come by taking on Queen Shephatiah herself. Of course they could offer no compensation and had only the mercy of the Planewalkers to hope for.

This request was discussed and eventually honored. Not all of the Planewalkers had felt the need to offer further aid to Dunesend and its less than gracious people, but it was rightly pointed out that we had helped without it being asked of us and thus possibly put the village in a worse situation. Luckily the map provided by Bram Ironfell seemed to lead in the same direction as the “Queen” and so the party would not have to set aside their current quest to assist the village. Thus the Planewalkers set off from Dunesend into the nearby mountainous terrain in which they would seek not only the the lost mine of the Ironfell clan but would also strive to drive out the self appointed Queen and tyrant over the land.


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