Tipping the Scales of War

New Blood

New Blood

The Planewalkers… The name had become a topic of conversation in all of Overlook and even throughout parts the Elsir Vale as a whole. The adventuring company had in a short span of months turned back the Hobgoblin attacks in Brindol, rescued the captives taken from that city, and not once but twice played pivotal roles in saving the city of Overlook from attack. Having only recently returned from the destruction of Umbraforge, the party took time to recover, relax and of course spend their reward money.

As their name grew so did the opportunities for continued adventures. Great dangers also lied ahead if they were to continue trying to stop the threat on the Vale. Sarshan clearly had larger plans than they currently knew about and the threat on Elsir Vale while vague was still quite immanent. It soon became clear to The Planewalkers that a few qualified additions to the group of four might increase their chances of surviving these dangers.

Finding candidates to join the party was not an issue. Many young men and more than a few women were eager to be a part of the up and coming adventuring group, unfortunately trying to find candidates actually capable enough to be of use was not nearly so easy. The Wizard Arraven quickly gravitated toward a comely young Elven lass who was herself a Wizard, but the Warlock Chael pointed out that they needed to expand their capabilities not simply duplicate them. The Paladin Torinn and Hatheron the Artificer both agreed with Chael and Arraven conceded the point sadly telling the pretty young Elf that he was all the Wizard they needed.

After only a short time the process of trying to find new members had become a challenge in and of itself, most were simply not qualified, having only the most basic training in their prospective fields, of the few the group felt could actually be useful several wanted exorbitant cuts of treasure or guaranteed minimum incomes, neither of which the party would agree to.

Eight days of talking to people had led to only two individuals the party could agree upon and even then their were reservations. There was a Gnome Psion who called himself Ku, his talents were well honed and he offered skills that none of the party currently had, but he was a bit… eccentric. There was also a Gith Avenger who presented himself well. Valdis had both talent and drive, and no one doubted he would be a valued addition, only Arraven’s comments about Hatheron looking for a boyfriend had caused any qualms over him. In the end the choice was obvious, with only two people holding any true value to the party both were invited in and given a room.


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New Blood
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