Tipping the Scales of War

Chael's Journal 2010.10.22

From the journal of Chael of Zolfura:

I know I should be sleeping. My body is aching and exhausted. But after what i just saw, what I just went through, my mind wont be still. One thing is for certain, we definitely should have asked for more before accepting this task.

It can’t have been much more than an hour since we defeated the first wave of trogglodytes currently inhabiting this fortress. Hatheron was still on watch as it was her call that awoke us. I barely had time to realize we were under siege when I was struck squarely by two javelins. Though their force knocked me out, I still recall Valdis calling out strategy while Ku sent his war-hound accompanied by projections of himself and a giant scorpion into the fray. As the world grew darker around me, all i could focus on were the birds watching us from the rafters. Ravens, canaries, and owls sat at the highest points of the room, seeming unaware of the battle beneath them.

Just as I prepared to meet the Raven Queen once again, I was suddenly alert and ready to fight, Hatheron standing over me with one of her infamous needles. As I looked on toward the battle I saw nearly a dozen trogglodytes (not counting the lifeless bodies at the feet of the avenger) quickly surrounding us. Mustering all the force that Bahamut may grant me, I engulfed the horde in it’s own shadows which I continued to twist upon them as long as my body would hold out.

As Arraven continued to relentlessly pelt the oncoming crowd with his arcane bolts and the gnome flung adversaries into Valdis’s awaiting blade, I couldn’t help but notice the paladin had not joined in the fight. No sooner had this revelation hit me that a trogglodyte did the same. My wait for The Raven Queen’s embrace was much shorter this time as the psion preformed a technique that I am unfamiliar with, reviving me once again. As I stood, I could see that Torinn had been taken down early by what must have been a poison tipped javelin.

After what felt like hours of fighting, we had thinned their numbers down to a mere handful. Although we were throughly depleted by then, it was relatively a simple task to down those that remained. As soon as it was clear that nothing present was still trying to kill us, the rest of the party collapsed from exhaustion. Perhaps living in Shantytown has hardened me more than I wish to admit, but sleep does not seem a possibility to me now. Or maybe I am softer than the rest, who are able to sleep after such carnage…

Either way, I suppose I’ll take first watch. If I can do anything about dragonborn’s wound, I’ll wake him next. I think waking the others may end poorly for me.


Ohgrr SpellKeeper8

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