Tipping the Scales of War

9-27-10 Game Log

The party was contacted by a powerful dwarven merchant named Bram Ironfell about an ancient parchment he found during the raids on Sarshan’s various warehouses located around Overlook. After some history, food, and a little haggling the party agreed upon being given 1200 gold worth of gems and coin. The next day they set out on a three day journey down the edge of the Westdeep and through the Thornwaste. On the second day they stumbled upon a group of dwarves trying to create an ambush for them. After a short, but deadly (at least for the dwarves), combat they learned that Clan Hammerfist had charged them with finding the mine before the party could get there. One dwarf was spared to send a message to the leader of the Clan Hammerfist that they will be dealt with. The Planewalkers took 150 meals worth of supplies from the dwarves as well as some money and trekked on. The third day was met with a mysterious figure who claimed to be the protector of the thornwaste. As he didn’t see the party as a threat, he escorted them to Dunesend where they found a huge demonic looking gnoll and his pet Behir Lore terrorizing the little hamlet.


Thanks Kurt. I was going to type up the log tonight but you hit all the salient points so no one will have to read 10 paragraphs of me rambling just to find out what happend lol. I will be quicker on the draw next time… its just been a very busy week here.

9-27-10 Game Log
Ohgrr SpellKeeper8

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